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About Pakan Plastkar

Pakan Plastkar Company (private joint stock) was established in 2005 as a subsidiary of Golrang Industrial Group (GIG) in order to meet the packaging needs of the holding. Aiming at making a strong presence and by equipping the factories according to the state of the art technologies, along with the production of industrial products (Caps and closures, Bottles, Preforms) in Qazvin Province, the Company started manufacturing diverse range of household products under different brands such as Airi Plast, Golrang, Homeplus, Spif, Merident, Goldent and recently as “Hi” (degradable family products) in Shokouhiye industrial zone Qom Province with 15000 MT annual capacity. Solid years of experience has gained us a lead position in this oriented industry. For sure behind our quality products and trusted brands is unremitting efforts of our employees as our most valuable assets.

Pakan Plastkar Activities

  • Design and production of different kinds of plastic components molds
  • Production of different kinds of plastic caps, closures and bottles
  • Offering consultation about all plastic components formulation.
  • Production of different plastic bag (Freezer, Garbage, Zipper bag, Shopping bags), Aluminum Foil, Cling film, Disposable and Household gloves, Tablecloths, Toothbrush etc.


To be recognized as one the best producers of high-quality and durable plastic parts in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and detergent industries in Iran and all around the world

Principle Values

Pakan Plastkar tries to produce and offer products and services with the best quality regarding customers’ tastes and relying on research and innovation of its human capital. Respecting to society, standards, and ethics are the core values of Pakan Plastkar.

By studying and market research, it has succeeded in identifying the needs and demands of various customers in the plastic industry, and by covering new products from this review, it covers the hidden wants of its customers.

With the timely supply, delivery and distribution of plastic products to customers throughout the country, it offers great value.

Successful business brands such as Airiplast have become more and more trusted by loyal customers.

By increasing the level of knowledge of its expert staff, it is striving to ensure the quality and innovation of its loyal customers.

Business Partners